Thursday, October 15, 2009

Snapshot Three

Looking back at my early teenage years, my first job was mowing my neighbors yard. It all started when our new neighbor moved in next door. Driving pass their house week by week, I noticed that there yard kept getting longer and longer as if no one was living there. My joy for cutting grass helped motivate me to knock on their door. One sunny afternoon during the spring, I went to their house and knocked on the door. The owner of the house answered the door, “Hey how are you doing?”

“Good how are you. I just wanted to introduce myself and let you know that if you need your yard cut, I’m the guy who can help you out.”

“Yea, the mower that I have won’t start and I'm looking for someone to cut my yard because it’s getting long.”

“Ok that sounds great, does $20 a week work good for you. I will mow the yard and string trim all around the house as well.”

“ That is awesome. I will even throw in a tip in if you pick up the sticks around the yard.”

After hearing Mr. Hogue say that, my eyes got big and it was like a kid opening presents on Christmas day. The next weekend later, I began to cut his grass weekly. This job at times was not fun because on a hot summer day, you would sweat a ton and have no motivation to continue to mow. Even though it was hot, it was a convinent job for a teenager trying to make money because it was right next-door. To this day I still continue to mow this same yard and other lawns that I acquired over the years.


  1. I get to give it to you, that is itchy job

  2. I think that is a nice job for a child