Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Snapshot Three: My First Job

My first actual job in my life was a tutor. I teach English to Japanese children who is not able to speak English well since that is their second language. I go to their houses and work on their homework and basic conversations. Since I was involved in so many school activities, I could not get a job until the beginning of my senior year.

Life is an adventure; I would never know what is going to happen in my life. I always wanted to get a job but had no time to work, although one day, I had a call from a Japanese family. This family just moved from Japan and their son and I went to the same high school.

“I have two children, a freshman and a fifth grade. Could you tutor my kids and help them with their English?” Their mother called me, as my heart got rainbow. I was very happy and excited as I heard this.

On my first day of my actual job, I was a little bit nervous. Thinking like “I hope the kids are nice to me,” or “I hope they like me...” I entered their house. First thing we did was introduce ourselves.
“Hello, my name is Lisa. What is your name?” We started from here, and basic vocabularies, and some grammars.

I am still working as a tutor. I like my job because a boss does not control me to do stuff. As the kids learn their English, I feel like I am also learning by teaching them English.


  1. wow, so how ae the kids? Even though you are so busy with the school activities, you are still willing to teach them .Tha't really nice of you !

  2. It most be hard for you to get the time to teach the kid and it is really nice of you to do that.