Thursday, October 15, 2009

My first job

Snapshot Three

My First Job

My first job was working at Wends Old Fashion Hamburger, located next to then Northland Mall, as a drive through cashier. I work there from four o’clock in the afternoon to closing time, while attending high school. I had no previous experience, so the jobs available to me were limited. I was eager finding a job so I can buy car. Staring out as a cashier was not that bad,

On my first day, I had to be train so I can handle the responsibility. My trainer was a cool cat, name Tim, who also a cashier running the one in the dinning room. However, he was con artist.
“Okay, what do I do” I ask.
“Man today am gonna teach you a trick that will benefit you” he said.
He open the register, took money out unplug and close the register, than he haler to the manager, “the register is down.” I was very surprise by what he did.
“This stealing,” I told him
“Come down” he said.
“What if the manager finds out?” I ask.
“Don’t be alarm baby boy, everybody here does it including the shift manager,” his friend said, who was standing next to us.
I kept my mouth shut, pretend nothing happen, and went home. I came to work next day worrying about what happen yesterday, wonder when am going to the office. However, I realize what happen here yesterday, was normal thing to everybody who work there. The restaurant was very corrupted. Working there was as if working in a casino ran by mobsters.

The only bad thing about working there was dealing with dirty dishes, which I hated most. Imagine cleaning all the dirty dishes that were paling up all day, while attending school in the morning. Eventually, I left there with experience to find my next job.

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