Thursday, November 19, 2009

Life Lessons by Abdi, Maryam, and Yianni

We learned that in school if you have beef with someone, don’t go to the bathroom alone or you may be drinking water from the toilet.

We learned that if you don’t play nice with teachers it might affect your grades.

We learned that being creative had its rewards

And that art class is only important if someone important thought so.

We learned how to run away from school

And that escaping school might cause you grounding at home

We learned how to cheat when we had to pass our exams.

We learned that love makes the world go round but showing any signs of affection in public was against the rules.

We learned that there are no shortcuts in learning

But also how to force the naïve to do our homework

We learned how reading was important for our minds.

Except if it’s the wrong book.

We learned that some teachers tend to favorite some of their students

And that nerds are more favorite students for the teacher.

But that’s not exactly the case for the rest of the school.

What we learned in school- Rex Wu

We learned that do not use computer for fun.
Every time I use computer to do my homework, I wanted it for fun. I hoped god would do homework for me. But this kind of miracle never happened to me.
Throw paper but don't hit other student
Make sure flash your sturff away after using toilet
Get lunch, follow the line
Finishing all the food which you bought in lunch
Know the direction to your next class
When I know the direction of my math class, I would not pay attention in class.
Talk with the teacher but don't said mean things
But my physics teacher would play a jock to me when I was late. She said "Smoke in the bath room."

What We Learned In School- Annie Yu and Lindsey Robson

We learned that little boys had cooties,

We learned that we can’t chew gum in class, after being made to spit it out,

We learned that procrastination is not the best way to get an A,

We learned that detention class is what we are rewarded for not doing our homework,

We learned that attendance is a must and that tardiness is not tolerated after having a lunch detention with the weird attendance officer,

We learned that sitting in the corner of the class is the best way to get some good sleep,

We learned that snow days often are enjoyable at the time but are not so fun when you
have to make it up at the end of the year,

We learned that we are not allowed to have any excuses for not doing homework even we
have one that makes sense,

We learned that sometimes practice lockdowns are really lockdowns with drug searches and police dogs,

We learned to send text messages under the desks and tables all in all for the most part
we learned how to not get caught.

What We Learned In School By Najma Ali And Muna Dirieh

Never go to the boys bathroom and theres no soda machines in there too.
Learn to not chew in class.
Learn to always wash your hand, even though some of the teachers dont wash their hands themselves.
Learn to never skip lunch or else lunch detention is riding up on you.
Learn to agree and never disagree
Learn to be open-minded, but they tell you what to think.
Learn to never bad mouth a teacher.
Learn to never skip school and roam around the school at the same time.
Learn to never smoke in the bathroom because you will get caught.
Cheating is never the solution.

What We Learned In School

By Fahad and Eddie

We learned that if you miss a practice, you’re a bench warmer.

Cheeseburgers don’t stick to the window.

Fighting in school can only make you end up at the principal’s office.

But allowing your dog to poo in the hallway can get you suspended.

And playing with cats always ends up with scratches.

You should never leave the lid off of the snake’s cage.

To get a good grade always kiss up to the teacher.

But you’re not allowed to actually kiss the teacher.

If you’re in the hallway instead of in class, you will be caught red handed.

Unless you’re slick.
What We Learned In School
By: Jimmy Wall, Tyler Stauch

In school we learned not to stick gum under a table, that would lead to a detention, or even worse,

We learned Arithmetic so we could count down the days until summer,

We learned Science, so we could poke dead frogs with a stick,

We learned English, so we could effectively disagree with our parents,

We learned History, so we could never talk about it again,

We learned Spanish, to hurt our brains,

We learned to respect our peers, only to hate their guts,

We learned the Health system, wow that was interesting,

We learned how to eat lunch, we thought we already knew how to do that,

All in all, we learned a lot…

What We Learned In School: You'll Be Punished

We learned that...if you get up and walk out of the classroom without asking, you'll be punished

We learned that...if you stick your gum underneath the chair, you'll be punished

We learned that...if you cut in line in the cafeteria, you'll be punished

We learned that...if you're late to class, you'll be punished

We learned that...if you get caught texting, you'll be punished

We learned that...if you throw food, you'll be punished

We learned that...if you're not nice to others, you'll be punished

We learned that...if you don't do your homework, you'll be punished

We learned that...if you don't dress properly, you'll be punished

We learned that...if you don't have a pass in the hall, you'll be punished

We learned that...if you don't attend school, you're parents will be punished

Sunday, November 8, 2009

journal 9

I like street dance. Street dance is from America. Most of Asians think Micheal Jackson is the best dancer they admire him. But in here lots of people just make fun of him. First time I saw his dance I felt it is amazing and tried to learn his moon walk at home. His dance let me have enthusiastic to dance. Latter my friend and I had dance class in a studio. I like dancing gradually. And I felt I would become another person when I was dancing. Sometimes I imagine I have a dance with my friends on stage. I want to see people feel surprise went I am dancing. And everyone will give applause.
Last year there was a movie named step up 2. I love it very much. The characters endure all the problems on dance. The problem of family, the problem of requirement these problem did happen on me either. Eventually they can solve all these problem and had an excellent show. It is one of my favorite movie.
Street dance influence me. I can find another me in my mind. It let me not quite anymore. It made me had lots of friends. Learning street dance it is the best time in my life. But it belongs to my high school years in China, I can not have that feeling in here. I even do not have enthusiastic to dance here.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Journal 9

The American popular culture that influence me in my life are TV shows. When I was child, I often watch The Arthur show. This show is on PBS channel. The show have influence me by teaching English because when I was a child, I just start to learn English. This show is like teach some English to me. They show the pictures and the action they do, so I can understand some of it at that time. When the character speak in the show, I try to follow what they said and understand what it mean by see the action. I mean by that time is when I just come to American not very long and still learn baisc English. There a website about this show:

My Show

A show that I absolutely like is Saturday Night Live. I can’t necessarily say that the show has influenced me in any sort of way. But it’s a show I look forward to watching and I get a good laugh every time I watch. SNL is one of the longest-running network programs in American television history. The show is basically about throwing a good show for everyone and bringing in a guest and musical performance. SNL inspired and influenced other sketch comedies such as Fox's In Living Color and Mad TV, not to mention created countless of characters who found their onto the silver screen.
I guess this show for me proves that not everything is about shows being negative and bad influence to children or world. I sit down every Saturday with my little snack and my siblings surrounding me and I watch it. And every time I watch it, I’m not disappointed. I laugh and I laugh.
check out the official website:

Suheir Hammad

My favorite celebrity is not really a celebrity she is more of a poet. I guess you can say an artist, an artist of words that is. Her name is Suheir Hammad, I found her on YouTube. She is a very inspirational Palestinian poet, author and a political activist. The reason why she is so influentical in my life is becuase she has faced the same struggles that my family has. Since she is a muslim women I feel that I can relate to her in so many ways. Her poems are very realistic and the reflect on her life. My favorite poem of hers is First Writng Since. It talks about her reaction to the 9/11 attack.You can find her writting on her website at

Journal Nine

Facebook is a popular social network originated in the United States. Almost everyone in my high school has a facebook. I notice the facebook have both positive and negative influnces on people. Facebook's positive influence on me is that I can connect with my friends in Hong Kong so that we can keep in touch. I saw people who are on facebook all the time and they keep constantly playing games on it. I think that is a negative influence on people. Sometimes, people spent too much time on it and they just disclose their whole life on facebook. I used to be addicted on facebook when I first started using it, but then I found out that I just wasted too much time on it. Now, I seldom go on facebook because I want my privacy. I’ve seen people who use facebook to stalk people they barely know and I just don’t understand sometimes. All in all, I think that facebook has a positive influence on me as long as I limited what people can see in my profile. My friends and I send messages to each other in order to update how each other are doing in different countries.

Journal 9

It is undeniable that popular culture is probably the most influential factor concerning our lives especially now; on account of the fact that we constantly immerse ourselves in it with our technology. One of the biggest influences in my life has always been movies. There is literally no media like it and no more effective media when it comes to influencing the minds of young people. Without a doubt the most inspiring movie I have seen so far would have to be Whisper of the Heart. It is a film that was licensed from studio Ghibli by Disney. It is the story of a young middle school girl growing up in Japan and discovering herself as a writer. From the moment I watched it I felt compelled to write my own stories. I connected greatly with the main character of the story, and could really relate to a lot of the same problems that I and my friends had when we were in middle school. A lot of times animated films are stereotyped as being childish or more for younger audiences. But this not the case with this movie it is rated G but I found it would be more suitable for teenage to adult viewers because of the themes and tone of the story.

Soccer Phenomenal

The most thing that had influence on me was one legendary Soccer player and his name is Ronaldinho. He is one of my favorite soccer player and most exciting soccer player to watch in the history with all of his creative soccer skills. Even though he is not on my favorite team of soccer which is Chelsea F.C. I still admire him for being the best player in the world. Ronaldinho used to play for a spanish team called Barcelona which he don't play for no more. HE currently place for an italian team called AC Milan. As an international player he is a Brazilian Born and won the 2002 world cup with Brazil.

Ronaldinho influenced me because he is guy that works so hard to earn all this respect from the whole world. In order for me to be good in something i like i always have to put a hard work on it and focus on it the most. You have to have a commitment on the thing you like to do best and always try your best and work hard to get the respect. The other thing that influences me about him is that he is a good role model for young kids who grew up to be fans of a soccer team and who love the game. He is a good guy On and Off the court that is what inspire me the most about him. A guy so talented so gifted and also a good role module. To find out more about Ronaldinho and his career go to

Popcure Culture in America

There are different kinds of popular culture in America such as TV shows, sports, movies and artists. Everyday of my life, it contains American popular culture. From the morning, when I drive to school, I hear different kinds of music from the radio. In the class, I use internet to receive information about research. When I get home that night, I watch shows or movies on the TV. This influences me how I live each day, for example, listen to the recent songs so I do not get lost when my friends are talking about it. Same as TV shows and celebrities.

Football has been the biggest sports influence on me. Football is definitely an American sport. Therefore I did not know the enjoyment of football until I was in high school. I started watching Ohio State football games, however, I did not understand the rules at all. I figured out the rules and ever since, I love to watch the game every weekend. This influences me because I found another enjouyment and I do not get lost whenever I watch football.

Air Jordan

Growing up as young kid in the 90's, my biggest influential celebrity was Michael Jordan. The man who earn the nickname Air Jordan. He gained a reputation for being one of the best defensive players in basketball. He had a positive sportsmanship and dedication to the game which earn him six tittle. He was the best sport role model I ever had. The most memorable moment was watching him jump from the free throw zone and dunk. My admiration of him still didn't fade out. Still there are no NBA player who could fill his shoe.


Popular culture is something that is a part of every person's life. Whether we were just born, in our mid twenties or late eighties, it follows us everywhere. Every single day of my life, when I turn on the T.V., radio, computer or whatever it might be, I am being influenced by the people speaking, the music playing, the website I'm visiting etc.

I would have to say that the biggest influence that American pop culture has on me is that fact that most girls around my age think that we are "expected" to look a certain way. We see so many celebrities, both men and women, who look the part with perfect hair, perfect skin, perfect body, and just everything seems so perfect in their lives. I sometimes feel pressured to be skinny, or the ideal weight. I find myself wanting to look like the celebrities that I see on T.V., with their weight lose plans. It makes me think about what would happen if I did what they did, would I feel better or not? Then again I think to myself, what is the true meaning of perfection? Everyone has their own definition of this word and no one truly is "perfect." We all have our flaws, including celebrities. If their stomach is not toned enough for a photo shoot, they use photo shop and technology to fix the flaws. To me, being the best I can be is me reaching perfection.

The celebrity that i would say influences me the most would have to be Ellen DeGeneres. I admire her because she is different than everyone else. She knows that she is unique, and she is a lesbian, which to some people is morally wrong, but to her it is just her being herself. On her show she is silly, humorous and you can tell that she does not care about what other people think of her. Her life may not be perfect, but she tries to make it as perfect as can be.


The most influential part of popular culture that affects my life is the TV show Entourage. It is produced and directed by Mark Wahlberg, one of my favorite actors of all time. The show is about a young man from Queens, New York that has become a very promising movie star.

He grew up very poor and is now very wealthy and successful, which in my eyes is an example of one aspect of the American Dream. Despite the large amounts of money he has acquired, he never forgets where he came from. He likes the money and the toys, but he never lets it go to his head. He provided his close friends with jobs such as a manager, driver, or a chef.

Most of the episodes describe average problems that an actor would face, such as unemployment, paparazzi, and the actual physical job of working as an actor to create a finished movie or show.

This show reminds me that no matter where you come from, you can always achieve your goals, and no matter how much money you make, you should never forget where you come from.

More information on this show can be found at:

John Butler's Influence on My Life

To focus on more important matters I prefer to stay away from the TV and not spend a lot of time mindlessly surfing the internet, but music has always been a passion of mind. Therefore, I think that the strongest links between myself and American popular culture are the artists that I listen to. One particular artist that has really changed my life is a man named John Butler.

John Butler is an incredibly talented multi-instrumentalist and a songwriter from australia. The thing about his work that first appealed to me was his work on the 11 string guitar. When I heard a composition of his entitled "Ocean" ( the way I play the guitar began to change completely. However, there is more to his work than the guitar. I find the words he writes to be inspiring as well.

The lyrics in John's songs all seem to contain themes of peace, love, and respect. They are hopeful and they inspire me to do good things. One particular thing I like about his songs is the emphasis he puts on the importance of love in almost all of his songs. Everything he sings about just seems so natural. John has been a big influence on my life because his music has changed my priorities and changed my life for the better.

Journal Nine: The influence of pop culture on a person

The American popular culture most influences me through movies and television shows because I find it enjoyable. I am a frequent member of Blockbuster and enjoy watching movies. The movies I most enjoy are generally comedies, romance comedies, drama, and movies that have meaning. There is a movie that stick out most in my mind that has influenced me. The movie is "Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story". "Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story" is a movie with Cuba Gooding Jr. It is based on the true story of Ben Carson. Its about a young boy who lived in Detriot and struggled with school but once he got a pair of classes school was not such a struggle. This boy had dreams of becoming a neurosurgeon. He never gave up on his dream. This movie has influenced me, because this boy and man as you see him grow throughout the movie never gave up on his dream. When people would put him down and say he could not do it, he would fight harder. He had a hard life growing up in Detroit, but he never gave up on his dream. This has had an influence on me, because it shows me that dreams are obtainable no matter what circumstances you might have. I can have my dream all I have to do is fight for it. Here is the sight for more information on this movie.

Deadliest Catch

When I think about American pop culture, I think about the T.V show Deadliest Catch. This is my favorite T.V show because their is never a dull moment in the show. Their is always something happening such as a big storm nailing the fishing fleet, boats breaking down, and injuries to the deckhands.

This show plays an influence in my life because it helps influence me to obtain a college degree and work hard to earn it. Even their many of the boats are family owned and passed down from generation to generation, many of their helping deckhands don't have college degrees. The only these deckhands earn an income is risking their lives fishing in the deadliest waters of the Bearing Sea. They work months at a time threw rough conditions, and work for 24 hours straight at times. This helps influence me to get a degree so I don't have to go threw those hardships.