Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mango response

I enjoyed the story of House on Mango Street for several reasons.
First of all, It kind of reminds me of my own life. Before I moved to Ohio, I lived in Brownsville where there were many young girls like Esperanza. Since I met some of them while they were working in restaurans or gas stations, we kind of became friends and they told me stories similar to what happened to Esperanza.
I liked the story for other reasons too. In the first place, it portraits the dark side of American life. People from outside US might think that here there is no poverty and everybody is driving at least a Cadillac. Besides, this story has a strong message for poor people all over the world that it is possible not to break down the pressure of poverty. Esperanza shows us that by engaging our mind in useful activities such as writing, we can not only tolerate the pressure of life but also move on in our life successfully. And finally, I liked the fact that although Esperanza was determined to leave that street, She still felt responsible and sympathetic about the older women living there. I like her desire for thinking it is emotional and deep. My favorite story is MANGO SAYS GOODBYE SOMETIMES, the way she takes a risk and freedom in writing and she knows a beauty in herself, and she has a dream in her mind that she wants to bring it to this world. It has wonderful ending for the book very soft and sensitive but powerful.

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