Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Journal five

The story that most stood out to me was "Born Bad". In this story, Esperanza, Lucy, and Rachel are playing a game. They are pretenting to be other people that they know. They decide to pretend to be like Esperanza's Aunt Lupe. They are pretending and acting out like she is dying. Her Aunt Lupe dies that day. Esperanza feels bad that her aunt dies that day. It seems to her like it is her fault because they were pretending that she was dead. Esperanza feels like she was born bad because of it. This story stood out to me because it seems as if she feels guilty because she died. It is like she blames herself for her death.

My favorite sentences from this story are "Her name was Guadalupe and she was pretty like my mother. Dark. Good to look at. In her Joan Crawford dress and swimmer legs. Aunt Lupe of the photographs" (Cisneros 58).
"But i knew her sick from the disease that would not go, her legs bunched under the yellow sheets, the bones gone limp as worms. The yellow pillow, the yellow smell, the bottles and spoons. Her head thrown back like a thirsty lady. My aunt, the swimmer" (Cisneros 58).
" Hard to imagine her legs once strong , the bones hard and parting water, clean sharp strokes, not bent and wrinkled like a baby, not drowning under the sticky yellow light. Second-floor rear apartment. The naked light bulb. The high ceilings. The light bulbs always burning" (Cisneros 59).


  1. It is a good thing that you liked a lot of quotes. I liked this story too!

  2. oo this has to be my favorite story so far!! really nice!! Good Job Lindsey :D

  3. Its funny how most of the people picked out this story. i guess it did stood out to us the most. Good job!!