Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Journal six

After tread this book I did learn how to describe a scene and it brought me back to my childhood. Some stories it talks about which did similar happen around me. Such as, the first job, chanclas, and some more, and so on. This book has two strengths. Each time the main character got problem finally they got fix it and have experience that is the first strength. Such as the story name “The Family of Little Feet”. The other strength of this book is the love in their family for example “Papa Who wakes Up tired in the Dark”. I gave me a shock, and let me thought about the scene when my grandmother died. Though it is a really short story, all the sentences have their feeling. This book has lots of stories however some of these stories are boring. In my opinion it is the weakness of this book. I would like every stories are interesting so that I can keep enthusiastic from the being to the end. But in the other hand I can think the boring stories can let the good stories become more interesting. Let readers feel like claiming mountains, sometimes goes up sometimes goes down.
My favorite story is “The family of Little Feet”. Girls curiosity to the heel. But they are the the age to wear that shoes. I think they just try to pretend an adult, however they do not understand these shoes should be wore in special place. Somebody warned them on page 41 “You girls too young to be wearing shoes like that. Take them shoes off before I call the cops, but we just run.” “Do you like these shoes?” this sentence appear 3 times in page 41, in my opinion they really like the shoes and try to get all peoples' attention. Eventually they got flirt with a Bum man. I like this story because it is let me understand I should pay attention to others warning.

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