Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Geraldo No Last Name

The story that stood out the most to me was, "Geraldo No Last Name." I found it to be a very sad story because a woman who barely knew a man named Geraldo, who she met at dance, did not know that she would be the last person to talk to him. I wonder if she wondered if she made a difference in his life. He was here in the United States all alone and the people he knew in his home country probably will never know that he has passed away. Maybe this woman made him feel wanted, and special, with just the couple words that she said to him.
I love the way the Esperanza describes Geraldo in the story. "Green pants and Saturday shirt" (Cisneros 65). All she has to say is Saturday shirt and you know exactly what she means. It is not a shirt that is really dressy like it would be for a Sunday and getting ready for church. It is not a scummy old t-shirt that you wear to go work out, but it is a casual shirt, maybe button up or nice polo. It could even have a light jacket over top.

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  1. I thought it was very sad too. What is interesting is how she stayed at the hospital even though she barely knew him. She did not even know his last name but she cared enought to wait for hours at the hospital. It is also sad that his family will never know what happened to him.