Thursday, October 15, 2009

Snapshot 3: My first job

My first job is at Yin Yue Restaurant. This restaurant is open by one of my uncle. At one summer my dad come home ask me about job. I was 15 year old at that year. This is how it start.

“Have you found a job yet?” Said my dad
“Your uncle wants to know, do you want to start work at the restaurant for experiment.”
“Why not start there and you can have some experiment at work.”
“And you can help your uncle out.”
The follow Saturday, it is my first job experiment start. My dad drives me there to start work. My aunt and one of the workers there teach me what to do there. That day is not a busy day and they had time to teach me. Later my aunt said, “I through today will be busy but it is not.”
“If it busy, I would help you packing and you can make the sauces for it.”
I have to learn each meal name and what it likes. First I don’t know each meal it like and the name but then I learn them at that day. Most the time I have to ask what it that meal to the chief.
First I look at the meal, if I know what it is by gusted then if I don’t I will start to ask.
“What it this meals call?”
“It is Sesames chicken.”
It is like that most of that day.
Later I know most of the meals already. It all thank to my aunt, the workers there and the chief.
At the restaurant, I doing the packing at Saturday and on Sunday I sometime answer the phone or be waiter.