Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Born Bad

"Born Bad" it sound more like someone who have no soul. However, Esperanza and her sisters are just playing games of Imitating a famous people like Wonder woman, but they dicided to imitate thier aunt, who used to be swimer but sustain injury that paralaze her body and blind sighted. Even though they knew she was paralaze they didn't mind imitate her. Esperanza states "The day we played the game, we didn't know she was going to die. We pretended with our heads thrown back, our arms limp and useless, dangling like the dead. We laughted the way the she did. We talked the way she talked, the way blind people talk without moving their head."

Mike's note: Do you think this person in the picture was born bad?!

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  1. I agree with you "Born Bad" i thought also seemed kinda strong harsh words for her. She does have a soul they were just having fun being kids. It does not mean that they are bad or soul less.