Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Born Bad

The story that stood out to me the most was "Born Bad". Born Bad is about Esperanza'z aunt Lupe's death. She feels responsible becuase they were imitating her on the day she died. She made up this game about imitating famous people and somehow got around to people they know like her aunt. Her aunt was very weak for a long time and on top of that she was blind. I jus tthink she feels guilty becuase she the only one that took the time to listen to her poems, and her stories. I think she's one of the main reasons that the author Sandra Cisneros continued writing. My favorite sentence in the book is when her aunt Lupe says "You Just Keep Writing,Esperanza. You Must Keep Writing. It will keep you free". She tells her that through writing she can be who ever she wants to be, express her ideas and basically have freedom of words.

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