Thursday, October 15, 2009

Snapshot Three: My First Job

My first job was at Valvoline Instant Oil Change where i am still currently employed. First, I want to tell you about how i got my job. One day i was at the shop having my oil changed and the manager was there that day. I asked him, "Are you hiring?" He said, "Yes we are and i have been looking for a female to help with sales." I asked, "Do you have to have any knowledge or background on cars." He said, "No we actually prefer that you have no previous background so we can train you the way we want you the first time." So, that night I went home and applied online. I did not get hired for a couple of months, but i have been employed there ever since.
On my first day, I went to orientation. At my orientation there were thirty people and it was boring and took forever. It felt like being stuck in an isolation chamber except for you were not alone. The next day I started working at the shop. It was very weird and awkward at first. I was the only girl working with a bunch of guys. Since, I was the only girl I had to change in the bathroom. I was very nervous because I was uncertain on what they expected out of me. I was very out-numbered by them, but once I got to know them I found that they were great people to work with. Cars were foreign to me. I struggled very much when they taught me bottom side partly because I am not as strong as them. This job was fun for me because I like to learn and this job gave me the benefit.

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