Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My First Job

My first job was being a salesperson in a fashion boutique in Hong Kong. The store is located in a small-scale department store and I was the only salesperson there. Beside the store, there are other different clothing boutiques, also with only one salesperson in each store selling similar stuffs.

"Three rules. You have to remember being as a salesperson. One, be nice to any kind of customers. Two, give customers 10%off discount at most if they keep on bargaining. Three, only wear those clothing which is sold in our store.”This was what the boss told me before my first day of work. “No problem!” I said, thinking that the job would be really easy.

I still remember at the very end of my first day of work, a customer, who is a fat, snobbish-looking middle-aged woman, entered my store. She wandered around in the extremely small store for half an hour and she finally picked a red dress. The woman suddenly said, “Twenty. I will give you twenty dollars for this.” “Madam, that dress costs fifty dollars, I can only give you a 10% off at most!” I told her this in a really polite way.Then, she started screaming at me, like a mad dog. “Look at your tiny store! Even the whole store doesn’t worth 50 dollars! And your attitude is so bad! Where is your boss, I have to complain NOW!” I was shocked. She claimed that my attitude was really bad but actually I did not even say a word when she was yelling at me. Although I was badly insulted by her, I still faked a smile and gave her my boss’s phone number. She threw away the red dress and left.

I think she didn’t complain at last as my boss didn’t scold at me for this incident. However, I learned my lesson. Work is never easy, deal with it.


  1. I was surprised how the lady got mad! You did what your boss said. Good job! And I agree with you... Work is never easy.

  2. i always wanted to try something that had to do with sales but nice job to have for your first job and work is never easy even if its easy.

  3. I agree with you, work is never easy and you did the right thing. It is nice job for the first day of work.