Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Journal #5: response to Born Bad

The most meaningful chapter for me would have to be Born Bad. This is probably because I also grew up in a very religious community and as far back as I can remember have not exactly met eye to eye with my family's beliefs. It was my opinion that a person should look at God objectively and ask questions to better understand your faith but my family wouldn't here of it, so i have often wondered about my relationship with god and if he really would condemn someone for being a little out of the ordinary.
My favorite sentence refers to Esperanza's similar dilemma, "My mother says i was born on an evil day and prays for me. Lucy and Rachel pray two." as my family prays for me too to find my way. One thing I have come to know about religion is certain though one punishes themselves a thousand times over before God gets around to it.

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