Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Journal Five: Born Bad

I chose the story Born Bad. The reason why i chose this story is because its talking about how evil people sometimes are. In this story they show how teenagers pick on any person even if they are having major diseases or any type of disease they seem to not care. They care more about having fun then knowing that this person is suffering of a sickness. My favorite quote is "The day we played the game we didn't know she was going to die. We pretended with our heads thrown back, our arms limp and useless, dangling like the dead". That tells you the kids didn't realize anything till they found out that she was dying.


  1. I kind of liked too, but the broader picture is that the kids are playing game of imitating famous people like Wonder Woman, but somehow endup imitating their dying aunt.

  2. Dear Fahad,

    I really like your journal. Good work.



  3. Very well done!! Nice work Fahad :D