Tuesday, October 27, 2009

House on Mango Street Response

Reading The House on Mango Street taught me that author Cisneros is a writer that brings character and scenes to life using similes and metaphors. Also this book has taught me that you have to adapt to something even if you don't like it, for the outcome to be better.

The strengths of the book was that it was easy to understand what was happening in the chapters because Cisneros brought things to life. Also she had many similes and metaphors that helped me connect to things in real life. A weakness in my view was that I didn't like the short chapters. I didn't like them because it was hard for me to put together the meaning of the book. Also, another weakness is that it was hard to follow all of the characters because new ones appeared in different chapters.

My favorite story that I like in last part of the readings was the story named "The Bums in the Attic." This was my favorite story because it shows that Esperanza likes helping out the poor and that if she owned her own house, she would help people off the streets and give them the attic to live in. My favorite quote that I thought was funny and helps suggests the theme of the story is when Cisneros writes, " The floorboards will squeak upstairs. The attic grumbles. The visitors will ask, Rats? Bums I'll say, and I'll be happy."


  1. The book also taught me that even though you might not like something, you have to adapt to it and things will get better in the end. good job :)

  2. I agree that the short chapters mad it hard to find a theme for the book. Before i could find a teme or key idea of some of the chapters, the chapter would be over, and i would be left in the dark.