Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Journal Five!!

The story that stoood out to me the most was "Born Bad." I found this story to be odd and yet amusing. Esperenza talks about how her Aunt Lupe is sick and dieing from a disease and is blind too. she feels guilty and somewhat reponsible for her death. Esperenza always use to go to her house and read her stories and poems. On the day of her aunt's death, Esperanza and her freinds decided to play a game of imitating people. They first started off by imitating famous people but then later on changed into imitating real people they knew. So she decided to imitate her sick aunt. They mocked how her arms were dangling from side to side, how she has to tilt her head back when drinking. Little did she know that on that same day, her aunt passed away.

My favorite quote was "And then we began to dream the dreams." I guess what she meant by that it started to hit her that her aunt was really gone. And she will always remeber those days she use to go to her house and read for her, that day she realized her aunt was blind and couldnt see a thing, and that day her aunt told her to never stop writing because its gonna keep her free from life.

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