Thursday, November 19, 2009

Life Lessons by Abdi, Maryam, and Yianni

We learned that in school if you have beef with someone, don’t go to the bathroom alone or you may be drinking water from the toilet.

We learned that if you don’t play nice with teachers it might affect your grades.

We learned that being creative had its rewards

And that art class is only important if someone important thought so.

We learned how to run away from school

And that escaping school might cause you grounding at home

We learned how to cheat when we had to pass our exams.

We learned that love makes the world go round but showing any signs of affection in public was against the rules.

We learned that there are no shortcuts in learning

But also how to force the naïve to do our homework

We learned how reading was important for our minds.

Except if it’s the wrong book.

We learned that some teachers tend to favorite some of their students

And that nerds are more favorite students for the teacher.

But that’s not exactly the case for the rest of the school.

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