Thursday, November 5, 2009

Soccer Phenomenal

The most thing that had influence on me was one legendary Soccer player and his name is Ronaldinho. He is one of my favorite soccer player and most exciting soccer player to watch in the history with all of his creative soccer skills. Even though he is not on my favorite team of soccer which is Chelsea F.C. I still admire him for being the best player in the world. Ronaldinho used to play for a spanish team called Barcelona which he don't play for no more. HE currently place for an italian team called AC Milan. As an international player he is a Brazilian Born and won the 2002 world cup with Brazil.

Ronaldinho influenced me because he is guy that works so hard to earn all this respect from the whole world. In order for me to be good in something i like i always have to put a hard work on it and focus on it the most. You have to have a commitment on the thing you like to do best and always try your best and work hard to get the respect. The other thing that influences me about him is that he is a good role model for young kids who grew up to be fans of a soccer team and who love the game. He is a good guy On and Off the court that is what inspire me the most about him. A guy so talented so gifted and also a good role module. To find out more about Ronaldinho and his career go to


  1. Good job. That's a shiny soccer ball too.

  2. That's good that you want to work hard too. He is a good player.

  3. Thats great work hard and you can earn whatever you want!