Thursday, November 5, 2009

Journal Nine

Facebook is a popular social network originated in the United States. Almost everyone in my high school has a facebook. I notice the facebook have both positive and negative influnces on people. Facebook's positive influence on me is that I can connect with my friends in Hong Kong so that we can keep in touch. I saw people who are on facebook all the time and they keep constantly playing games on it. I think that is a negative influence on people. Sometimes, people spent too much time on it and they just disclose their whole life on facebook. I used to be addicted on facebook when I first started using it, but then I found out that I just wasted too much time on it. Now, I seldom go on facebook because I want my privacy. I’ve seen people who use facebook to stalk people they barely know and I just don’t understand sometimes. All in all, I think that facebook has a positive influence on me as long as I limited what people can see in my profile. My friends and I send messages to each other in order to update how each other are doing in different countries.

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  1. i agree, annie,and i have stopped using Facebook now almost because there is just too much of a privacy issue, and i just don't have time to keep up with it! i agree that if you limit the profile, it is BETTER! good job!