Thursday, November 19, 2009

What We Learned In School By Najma Ali And Muna Dirieh

Never go to the boys bathroom and theres no soda machines in there too.
Learn to not chew in class.
Learn to always wash your hand, even though some of the teachers dont wash their hands themselves.
Learn to never skip lunch or else lunch detention is riding up on you.
Learn to agree and never disagree
Learn to be open-minded, but they tell you what to think.
Learn to never bad mouth a teacher.
Learn to never skip school and roam around the school at the same time.
Learn to never smoke in the bathroom because you will get caught.
Cheating is never the solution.


  1. Someone told you that their was a soda machine in the boys bathroom? Wow thats funny

  2. Eww they didnt wash their hands. Thats Gross!

  3. who ever skips lunch? thats like my favorite class lol.

  4. sometimes cheating is the solution lol

  5. Its funny how nothings ever bad unless you get caught.