Thursday, November 19, 2009

What We Learned In School
By: Jimmy Wall, Tyler Stauch

In school we learned not to stick gum under a table, that would lead to a detention, or even worse,

We learned Arithmetic so we could count down the days until summer,

We learned Science, so we could poke dead frogs with a stick,

We learned English, so we could effectively disagree with our parents,

We learned History, so we could never talk about it again,

We learned Spanish, to hurt our brains,

We learned to respect our peers, only to hate their guts,

We learned the Health system, wow that was interesting,

We learned how to eat lunch, we thought we already knew how to do that,

All in all, we learned a lot…


  1. You guys learned how to eat lunch? I was born with that skill :)

  2. I'm pretty good at lunch eating. This is good. Real clever.

  3. that was funny poem but not interested in poking dead frogs lol

  4. Very Funny That Was Suprisingly Good!

  5. We do learn lots of things in school.