Thursday, November 19, 2009

What we learned in school- Rex Wu

We learned that do not use computer for fun.
Every time I use computer to do my homework, I wanted it for fun. I hoped god would do homework for me. But this kind of miracle never happened to me.
Throw paper but don't hit other student
Make sure flash your sturff away after using toilet
Get lunch, follow the line
Finishing all the food which you bought in lunch
Know the direction to your next class
When I know the direction of my math class, I would not pay attention in class.
Talk with the teacher but don't said mean things
But my physics teacher would play a jock to me when I was late. She said "Smoke in the bath room."


  1. lol i always cut the line for lunch.

  2. It was hard to remember all the direction on the first day of high school...

  3. I remember standing in the line for lunch and cutting if you had friends closer to the front.