Thursday, November 19, 2009

What We Learned In School

By Fahad and Eddie

We learned that if you miss a practice, you’re a bench warmer.

Cheeseburgers don’t stick to the window.

Fighting in school can only make you end up at the principal’s office.

But allowing your dog to poo in the hallway can get you suspended.

And playing with cats always ends up with scratches.

You should never leave the lid off of the snake’s cage.

To get a good grade always kiss up to the teacher.

But you’re not allowed to actually kiss the teacher.

If you’re in the hallway instead of in class, you will be caught red handed.

Unless you’re slick.


  1. A dog pooped in the hall? gross!

  2. wow how did your dog even get in the school is my question?!

  3. How did you learn about cats in school? i feel like a lot of people would have allergy problems.