Sunday, November 8, 2009

journal 9

I like street dance. Street dance is from America. Most of Asians think Micheal Jackson is the best dancer they admire him. But in here lots of people just make fun of him. First time I saw his dance I felt it is amazing and tried to learn his moon walk at home. His dance let me have enthusiastic to dance. Latter my friend and I had dance class in a studio. I like dancing gradually. And I felt I would become another person when I was dancing. Sometimes I imagine I have a dance with my friends on stage. I want to see people feel surprise went I am dancing. And everyone will give applause.
Last year there was a movie named step up 2. I love it very much. The characters endure all the problems on dance. The problem of family, the problem of requirement these problem did happen on me either. Eventually they can solve all these problem and had an excellent show. It is one of my favorite movie.
Street dance influence me. I can find another me in my mind. It let me not quite anymore. It made me had lots of friends. Learning street dance it is the best time in my life. But it belongs to my high school years in China, I can not have that feeling in here. I even do not have enthusiastic to dance here.

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