Thursday, November 5, 2009

John Butler's Influence on My Life

To focus on more important matters I prefer to stay away from the TV and not spend a lot of time mindlessly surfing the internet, but music has always been a passion of mind. Therefore, I think that the strongest links between myself and American popular culture are the artists that I listen to. One particular artist that has really changed my life is a man named John Butler.

John Butler is an incredibly talented multi-instrumentalist and a songwriter from australia. The thing about his work that first appealed to me was his work on the 11 string guitar. When I heard a composition of his entitled "Ocean" ( the way I play the guitar began to change completely. However, there is more to his work than the guitar. I find the words he writes to be inspiring as well.

The lyrics in John's songs all seem to contain themes of peace, love, and respect. They are hopeful and they inspire me to do good things. One particular thing I like about his songs is the emphasis he puts on the importance of love in almost all of his songs. Everything he sings about just seems so natural. John has been a big influence on my life because his music has changed my priorities and changed my life for the better.

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  1. good to know that he is one multi instrumental songwriter thats amazing and interesting thing to do. i like the musics that he makes because it always makes sense.