Thursday, November 5, 2009

Popcure Culture in America

There are different kinds of popular culture in America such as TV shows, sports, movies and artists. Everyday of my life, it contains American popular culture. From the morning, when I drive to school, I hear different kinds of music from the radio. In the class, I use internet to receive information about research. When I get home that night, I watch shows or movies on the TV. This influences me how I live each day, for example, listen to the recent songs so I do not get lost when my friends are talking about it. Same as TV shows and celebrities.

Football has been the biggest sports influence on me. Football is definitely an American sport. Therefore I did not know the enjoyment of football until I was in high school. I started watching Ohio State football games, however, I did not understand the rules at all. I figured out the rules and ever since, I love to watch the game every weekend. This influences me because I found another enjouyment and I do not get lost whenever I watch football.

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