Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Show

A show that I absolutely like is Saturday Night Live. I can’t necessarily say that the show has influenced me in any sort of way. But it’s a show I look forward to watching and I get a good laugh every time I watch. SNL is one of the longest-running network programs in American television history. The show is basically about throwing a good show for everyone and bringing in a guest and musical performance. SNL inspired and influenced other sketch comedies such as Fox's In Living Color and Mad TV, not to mention created countless of characters who found their onto the silver screen.
I guess this show for me proves that not everything is about shows being negative and bad influence to children or world. I sit down every Saturday with my little snack and my siblings surrounding me and I watch it. And every time I watch it, I’m not disappointed. I laugh and I laugh.
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  1. I used to watch SNL back when I was in middle school I haven't really had the time since.

  2. muna, i watched a lot when i was 16-22 and that was when John Belushi, Eddie Murphy, Chevy Chase and others were on the show. right now, the Dave Chappelle show is my favorite comedy, but i also used to really like Sanford and Son, which is also an old show. Thanks for posting!