Thursday, November 19, 2009

What We Learned In School- Annie Yu and Lindsey Robson

We learned that little boys had cooties,

We learned that we can’t chew gum in class, after being made to spit it out,

We learned that procrastination is not the best way to get an A,

We learned that detention class is what we are rewarded for not doing our homework,

We learned that attendance is a must and that tardiness is not tolerated after having a lunch detention with the weird attendance officer,

We learned that sitting in the corner of the class is the best way to get some good sleep,

We learned that snow days often are enjoyable at the time but are not so fun when you
have to make it up at the end of the year,

We learned that we are not allowed to have any excuses for not doing homework even we
have one that makes sense,

We learned that sometimes practice lockdowns are really lockdowns with drug searches and police dogs,

We learned to send text messages under the desks and tables all in all for the most part
we learned how to not get caught.


  1. hahah thats funny boys have cuties!!! so TRUE

  2. haha! sit in the corner is the best way to get sleep, I learned that too!

  3. I agree it is fun when we had a day off from snow day but we will have make up that day work in class.