Friday, December 11, 2009

Video readings of our Final Class in English 109.01

Hello students, friends and families--

Today, I am working to convert and upload the videos so that you will be able to see these readings, and follow along with the text that the students have posted here on the Blog.

I am really proud of this class and I had a great time teaching this group this quarter. I feel very blessed to have been able to get to know these terrific young people, and share in their hopes, dreams, and challenges. The work of this group has reminded me of how important it is to hear from many different points of view to get a more accurate portrait of what life is like in this busy world. To me, this has a calming and optimistic effect.

I hope you will also enjoy the stories, feelings, and ideas expressed here, and I think the students did an admirable job of trying to open windows and doors into the worlds that they have lived in.

Here's a group picture of the whole class. Enjoy!

Mike Lohre
Senior Lecturer in English
The Ohio State University

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