Thursday, December 3, 2009


My name is Huancai Li. I come from China. When I have free time, I like to watch T.V., listen to music, shopping, or clean the house. I am study to being a hospital management or health information management. But I am not complete sure that what I want to do and I am still thinking what kind of jobs I want to do in that department.
The strongest memory from taking 109.01 is doing lots of creative writing. I learn that when you write your finial essay, you need to revise more than one time in the writing process. I think every part of the writing process had grown a little because I had that feel and I am still learning it too.
The piece of writing that I had chosen is the snapshot 2: the characterization of a person for the reading. I pick this piece of writing because I like this one and I think it is nice. The inspiration for it is that I will remember her even when I grow older. She had watch over me when I was little girl.
Characterization of a Person
In this story, I will talk about a girl who was in my life when I grow up. I don’t know how to say in English because this story takes place at China. “3 sisters” is that what I call her and that how you translate from Chinese to English. We call her that because she is the three daughters at that family. I like her the best because she is kind and nice. When I was little girl she took care me when my family went to work. It almost likes a babysitter. But she took care of me for free. She also likes to take care of me when I was little. She lives in the same neighborhood as me. She has short black hair, dark brown eyes, and always ware nice clothes. She treats me like little sister. It felt comfortable when I around her. That it like she is part of the family. She likes to help people.
When she was getting married at age 22 year old, she dresses me up and put make up on me. That it the first time I had put make up on. At that day I felt happy for her because she had met her destiny one and she was very happy too. Later she had a baby girl and it is cute baby. I carry the baby for a while and it is cute when she smiles at me. After she give birth to a baby, she didn’t work and up until now. Even her daughter had already gone to school.

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