Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Phenomenal Woman!

Hello, everyone my name is Najma Ali and I am currently a freshman at the Ohio State University the Marion Branch. My current major as of right now is education but it's bound to change like always. The reason why I keep changing majors is becuase am someone who gets bored easily and it's really had for me to settle for one thing. I do have many qualities, but one of them would be that I am a very friendly person. I like to help others in every way I can but most people suggest that I do public relations as my major. My family and I are immigrants from Somalia. It's really wierd for me to call my self somailan sometimes becuase I have never seen somalia. It's really hard to relate to some of my peers becuase they talk about how many memories they have of certain towns. I come from Egypt but as I have already stated my nationality is Somali.
English 109.01 was a really fun and creative class, even though I was distracted half the time. We learned alot about the writing process and also focused a lot of time on details. I have learned about creative writing and how to use great language in my writing. My biggest accomplishment in this class is that I learned how to organize my paper. I always had an issue with gathering my information and presenting in a very well written and well thought out manner. This class has taught me to get my information together so that its not jumping from one subject to another, in other words smooth transition.
Picking the piece that I was going to do was really tough because I really liked most of my snapshots. They all had such a big significance and also described many of my experiences. My favorite Snapshot would have be the seventh one. I picked that becuase it was about my favorite poem called Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou. I really like poem becuase it lets everyone know that there is more to someone than just beauty. That you don't have to be beautiful to be noticed or to be powerful or to have an impact.
Phenomenal Woman
The poem “Phenomenal Woman” by Maya Angelou is one of my favorite poems. I was never a poetic person neither did I care for poetry. My mother got me into poetry. One Sunday morning we were sitting in front of the TV watching an Oprah rerun and she happened to be speaking about Maya Angelous. She talked about how she’s not just a poet, she’s also a humanitarian. I never really read any of her poems so I asked my mom. She told me that she loves her poems. She told me to Google her work and I did. I started reading all of them but the one that caught my attention happened to be Phenomenal Woman. This poem is about how she’s not the most beautiful girl but she has something that other pretty girls don’t. She says “pretty women wonder where my secret lies. I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion models size but when I start to tell them they think I’m telling lies”. I love that line because it shows that there is more to a woman than just good looks and a great body. This poem confirms that you don’t have all looks; you should always have something else other than that. It lets you know that you should always be confident about yourself regardless of how you look and regardless of what society says of you.

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  1. yes you are a very nice and welcoming person :) I love the color of your scarf, so pretty girl.