Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Childhood Paradise

My name is Abdikadar Ali.
Originally I’m from Somalia; I lived in the states for almost two decade.
I’m studying to become a Chemical Engineer.
My hobbies are playing physical sports like football and soccer.

My strongest memory in this class is understands the writing process and ability to writing perfect ten papers. One thing I master in this class is how to write creative paper, use metaphors and other sarcastic expression. In the future, I see myself fitting comfortably in English 110, not struggling with my papers.

For my presentation I choose snapshot Four, because this piece tells the story of my childhood paradise. This place is where I use to shake off the entire stress related problem in less than a month. It was place you socialize with many different people that come from all the corners of country. The animals were the beauty of the place.

Childhood Paradise

As child, I had been travel to many places around the world. I have seen Serengeti, wilderness reservation in Tanzania, and Pyramids of Gaza in Egypt. However, no place that I seen has surpassed the beauty of my childhood paradise the Valley of Daar.
Daar Maalin was a summer camp set deep in the heart of a valley inside the wilderness, river running wild, steep jungle, and animals roaming freely feasting the lash green vegetation. No haunting was allowed, because it would ruin the beauty of the place, which was the animals who occupy the valley. The most amazing thing of the place was the Baboons, who occupy the trees on the bank of the river. They felt that we are threat to their territory by bombarding us with rocks. Regardless of the reasons for this phenomenon, we all had known that these Baboons want to play.
Every morning we collected dozens of rocks, wait for them to show up, than the game begins. Sometimes they chase us back to the river. Sometimes we chase them back to the steep jungle, which was spooky place occupied by Wild Hogs. Walking there, I remember, it feels like someone is breathing down on your neck. Sending chills to our spine, our body would start shivered and we would not know how fast we came out of there. Than the Monkeys go nuts. The spectators were some of the monkeys who were dangling on trees above us, and our parents who were surprise to see this phenomenon. Our parents were enjoying the entertainment without thinking about the danger this might lead to. After long battle under the scorching summer sun, we would postpone the game to take dip in the river, all of us including the Baboons in peace.
The sun had laid itself to rest ending long day, and the moon brightens over the valley. The smell of wood burning mix with sweet smell of lavender fills the fresh air. The children gather around the burning fire to listen the elders tell stories about warriors, who used to gather here long, time ago, which none of us are interested. They perform rituals ceremony usually haunting lions to gain the status of become warrior. Haunting loins with spire, give me a breake. Most of us would be snack for the king of the jungle. When everybody goes to sleep, the predators come reeling in to fight over the spoil leftovers. The Haynes start laughing, the loins started roaring, and parents grew worry. Morning came. After long month in the valley, the fun come to end and the packing begin. Daar Maalin was a place you feel relaxed and comfortable in harmony with the environment. Perhaps the most memorable part was the breathtaking view that the valley offers. However, those times are over now and the dreadful world of stress begins.

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