Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tyler Stauch

My name is Tyler Scott Stauch. I was raised in Dublin, Ohio and currently still live there. Recently I graduated from Dublin Jerome High School and now I attend The Ohio State University Delaware Center. I plan on applying to the Fisher College of Business at the end of this school year to earn a business degree in aviation management. During my free time I enjoy doing anything outside like riding my dirt bike, fishing, and playing backyard sports, and hanging with friends. I love comfort food, but I am not a big fan of seafood.

Looking back after taking English 109.01, my strongest memory would have to be the class environment. The class environment is a great memory because it was small so everybody got to know each other and it really helped provide one good discussions on the material. The writing process has always been a struggle for me threw my educational career, but this class really helped me break down and brainstorm before drafting. I learned that brainstorming is very essential to writing a good paper because it helps you get all your thoughts out on paper, which therefore helps you pick the appropriate thought that best fits the prompt. In English 109.01 I learned to become an active reader. Before taking this class I hardly ever annotated the book that I was reading, but now this is no problem for me because this is where I have exceeded the most.

The piece of writing that I will be reading is a story of a skunk that was living in our yard. My parents did not appreciate the skunk living in our yard because it caused fear in us that our dog, Tanner, would get sprayed. Therefore it needed to be taken out! I picked this piece of writing because many people don’t encounter a skunk living in their yard. I was inspired to write this story because it is a story that my friend and I won’t forget. If there were a theme that is interpreted threw this story, it would be, “if something needs to be removed, there is always a reason why.”


It was only two months ago when I noticed a skunk roaming threw my yard. As weeks passed by, I came to conclusion that he settled into his new home under my barn. After observing that the skunk was not going to move anytime soon, my Dad and I decided that this skunk needs to be shot to prevent it from spraying my chocolate lab, Tanner.

On a nice Sunday afternoon, my friend Jeff was coming over. After finishing the call with him, I went outside and sat on a rocking chair in the yard. As I was waiting, I happened to look over my shoulder. After looking over my shoulder, my eyes grew large because the skunk was twenty yards from where I was sitting chowing down on the green grass. As soon as I was done looking over my shoulder, my buddy Jeff had come steaming down my gravel driveway causing a cloud of dust to appear. I ran over to Jeff’s dusty black car and showed him the skunk. Jeff had brought his .22 caliber rifle over because he can’t shoot his gun in his neighborhood and we wanted to shoot targets in my back yard. As soon as his eyes saw the skunk, he quickly ran back to the trunk of his car and started preparing his gun to exterminate the skunk. He put five bullets into his clip and crept up on the skunk for a better shot. I observed near the car and watch him destroy the skunk. When the bullet first hit the skunk, its face froze and had an expression as if he was screaming. After the skunk was taking out, my Dad came outside and said, “ What’s all this shooting?”

I replied, “We got the skunk Dad!”

“Really? Are you guys going to take it out to the woods so it doesn’t start stinking up near the house?”

“ I think Jeff and I are going to let it sit for a while to make sure it is dead, then we will take it.”

“No. You guys need to take it now.”

“ Ok, I will.” I went and grabbed a scoop shovel out of the barn and went over to the skunk. As soon as I got it on the shovel, it started stinking really badly. The stink was so incredible that it caused my nostrils to get irritated and Jeff and I had to take turns to re-gain our breath. After walking nearly a 100 yards to reach the woods, we flung the skunk in to the woods where it still lies today!

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