Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jia Long Wu

My name is Rex Wu. I am from Canton China. I am studying Mechanical Engineering. I have lots of hobby as long as I interest. I like running and work out.

This class is interesting. I did have a good time in this class. The most memory in English 109.01 is the beginning of reading “Ordinary Resurrection”. I don’t like read books except for comics. I did not finish any Chinese book when I was in China. When we start read the Ordinary Resurrection was torturing me. I did spend an hour to finish five pages. I don’t like the homework on Tuesday, because we usually have to read book and write a snapshot on Wednesday. I was like racing horse. The homework yelled to me: “Hurry up! Read the book and write snapshot! Go! Go! Go!” However, it helps me improve my writing skill, such as analyze the paragraph and creative sentences. I did never write an essay more than eight hundred words. In high school I did write some essay for English class but teacher’s respond is: “I don’t understand what you write.” I am glad the reader can understand what I wrote.

I would like to pick “My first job” this snap shot. It is my first article which was read in class. I want to introduce Chinese cultural by writing essay. That is my inspiration. This experience is interesting. It let me learn how to collaborate with my friends and I understand It is important to catch opportunity.
First Job
Three days before Chinese New Year, the government will occupy a six traffic lines street and make booths in the middle of street. It is a traditional in my hometown, lots of people will rent a booth to sell flowers or something interesting. I had my first job in here when I was twelve.I did buy some fluorescent stick and sold with my friend on street. At seven o'clock we began walk on the fair and found a big concrete for standing I could see peoples head moving in front of me. Tons of people walks in the same direction, it looks like a black stream which runs slowly. Radios were barking on the side of street. The fair is very noisy, voice of the radio, people's talk, some owner of booth yelled for getting attention, all the voice mix together feels like I was standing in front of a waterfall. We should people’s attention too, we yelled “fluorescent stick! One for 50cent, three for 1yuan.” In a day the most people traveling the fair is at eight to eleven o'clock.As the time pass there were more and more people traveling on the street. The crow would like to walk on the traffic lines than side walk. Peoples tried to hustle into the crow, the stream becomes a moving cube and moved slowly. I found lots of people sold fluorescent stick. For getting more customers everyone dropped their price. We even drop our price to 2cent per stick. But we cannot earn any money by selling this price. Luckily my partner found his friend who sold spray snow. Nobody sold spray snow in the fair at that night. That is an opportunity to raise our price. He sold spray snow 8 yuan per can. But we yelled “Spray snow 10 yuan per can get 5 fluorescent stick for free.” We combined our goods together and try to build up our price. Our price was getting lots of attentions from the crow. They throw their curiosity look to us. All the fluorescent stick and spray snow were sold out before eleven o'clock. Yelling against to all the people is the deepest impression of my first job. Though it just temporary job, it is interesting, because it is special experience.

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