Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Good Times!!

My name is Muna Dirieh. I am 18 years old. I'm originally from Somalia. I speak three languages which are Arabic, English, and Somali.I attend OSU/Delaware Branch. Hopefully if i dont change my mind, i will stick with being a Register Nurse. I chose nursing beause i guess it will allow me to help others in need and i am all about helping others that are less fortunate. On my free time, i like to read, listen to music, go out with freinds to do something creative and fun. I am blessed to be alive and thankful i live in a place where anything is possible.

English 109.01 was a class i wasnt sure i would like it. I told myself this is easy and i dont need any help with my english. But it turns out that i very much needed this class. This class taught me alot of things. It taught me how revise and polish my essays. I learned the more i try, the better of a writer i will be and in the future i wouldnt need any help. As far as where did i see myself growing the most, i would have to say my writing. With the help of this class my writing has definetly improved.

The piece of writing i chose to show is about my dear freind Hadel. Hadel was and still is my closest freind ever. I met her when i use to live back in Saudi Arabia. We would do anything and everything together. Anywhere you saw me, you saw her, and vice versa. This poem is basically about how i am grateful to God that i met her and i will always cherrish those memories we had together. Whether it was us fighting or us laughing. Nothing will ever change. We are still freinds till this day.

Here is My Poem. I titled it My Dear Friend:

My Dear Friend
Influences are either good or bad or in between
Life is either in black or white with gray in between
Friends can either help me or hurt me there’s no in between
I found a dear friend of mine that would cross the line of in between

Someone who wouldn’t mind being more then helpful and do right by me by all means
Where can I find another friend like mine that is so serine?
Who taught me about life and how to face my fears?
Not only fears but to join me when I needed to shed a few tears.
Someone who would keep near for all these years

I miss my friend of mine who was the tom to my jerry
The best of my friends who wouldn’t mind following me to the ends of the earth and would stay cheerful and merry
My dear friend of mine knew me when I was in my cocoon and when I morphed into a beautiful butterfly
Knew my friend when she was a duck and when she transformed into a swan and was no longer shy
I cannot lie to this day, I still cannot find someone like my dear friend of mine so I just close my eyes and go to the sky to see my dear friend of mine

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