Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Jimmy reads it and means it

My full name is James Raymond Wall IV. I graduated from Dublin Coffman High School in 2009, I have lived in Dublin, Ohio my entire life. I started classes at OSU Delaware in the fall of 2009, and i enjoy playing video games and ice hockey in my spare time.
My strongest memory from taking English 109.01 is the fact that we would always thoroughly cover the assigned reading before moving on to another activity. In previous classes it was hard for me to keep up with the reading but now i am comfortable with reading assignments in any class. Throughout the quarter i learned the importance of brainstorming several ideas for a writing assignment before beginning the drafting process, learning the writing process allowed me to develop as a writer throughout the duration of the class. It seems to be much easier for me now to develop an essay in any class, over any topic due to my advanced comprehension of the writing process. This helped me a lot as a college student, due to the large amount of essays you have to write in every class you take.
Throughout the quarter, we did many creative writing pieces. I believe that this helped ever member of the class become a more versatile and unique writer. Our final assignment was to write a poem about someone in your life that had a positive influence on you. The following paragraph contains the text from that poem:

Mrs. Miller

She was simply a neighbor.
She was an undoubted friend.
I mowed her lawn,
I trimmed her trees,
spread her mulch,
and charged a fee...

She paid on time with no complaints.
On payday she always had a snack waiting for me.
She offered advice and wisdom without restraint.
Her friendly smile filled me with glee.

She paid her dues in more than currency.
For the tree trimming she paid in wisdom.
For the mulch she paid in smiles.

Sure, her work was an easy buck.
But in my eyes she was more than that.
In my eyes she was a dollar sign.
In my eyes she was a text book.
In my eyes she was a master chef.
In my eyes she was family...

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