Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Introduction of Annie Yu

My name is Annie and I am from Hong Kong. I just moved here three months ago and I am living with my brother, my mom and my stepdad. I am majoring in business and I wish I could get into the fisher college of business in OSU in the next academic year. I studied in a music school in Hong Kong and I was in the vocal major. Singing has always been one of my favorite hobbies and sometimes my parents feel annoyed because I sing too much at home.
In taking 109.01, I learnt a lot because we have to practice writing all the time. We have to write journals and snapshots every lesson, so that we can get more familiar with writing. I think my writing skills are improved because of all the practice we’ve done in class. We also read actively on books about children in the poor neighborhood which make us think more about the problem of social inequality. We learnt to get the author’s main ideas in the books and we analyzed them in class.
I am going to share the snapshot on characterization of a person which is about my stepmpm. I chose this snapshot because my stepmom has a really great influence on me. She has been takecaring of me for 15 years and she treats me as her own daughter. She is so selfless and I've learnt a lot from her throughout all these years.

Snapshot Two: Characterization of a Person

I’ve been living with my stepmother since I was three years old. She is nothing like the wicked and evil stepmothers portrayed in Cinderella or Snow White. She’s very kind, caring and gentle most of the time. However, you never want her to get mad as she has the ability to scold people for an hour or two, or even more. When I am not studying for my exams or misbehaved, she gets mad at me and will scold me for the whole night.

My stepmom has to work on weekdays from nine to six. She’s the toughest woman I’ve ever seen. After working in office, she cooked dinner for the whole family at home, then she’ll do all the housework until twelve at night. She always looks tired and exhausted, like she can fall asleep anytime, anywhere. I never thank her for all that work she does for the family, I always take it for granted.

The night before I moved to the United States, she cooked all my favorite dishes and was very quiet. I looked into her eyes, and they are filled with tears. I was speechless, thinking of the scenes when she’s doing housework and scolding me for not studying my tests. She’s only a stepmom, so actually she doesn’t have to do anything for me or even care about me. However, she’s the one who’s always worried about me and cared for me. My father once told me that stepmom is not looking for any pay back from me for what she has done for me. I would love to say she’s the greatest stepmom ever, but the fact is she’s more to me than my stepmother and she will always take a very important part in my heart.

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